Social Services facilities

Common practice shows the lack of health care staff in retirement homes and homes with a special regime where most people with chronic illness are. This will continue to deepen in the future. The presence of a doctor at these workplaces is not available for 24 hours 7 days a week, and the attending staff does not always have the option of consulting a worsened condition with a doctor.

Retirement homes are a very good segment for telemedicine solutions. Remote monitoring allows the doctor to look at the patient's electronic card at any time, where the measured physiological functions, including the possible ECG record, are graphically and numerically displayed. Thus, the physician can respond flexibly to the resulting health complications of remotely monitored patients.

The advantage is quick access to information, the possibility to share the acquired values with other medician, in case of acute surgery, patient information can also be provided to the emergency services.

The history of measuring and records can be generated in reports and stored electronically in the patient's medical records. For remote monitoring measurements, personnel will use the devices they receive from the National Monitoring Center.

The National Monitoring Center has already implemented several implementations of telemedicine solutions into social service facilities in the Moravian-Silesian Region, with the support of the statutory city of Ostrava, the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Domácí Anděl Foundation.

Why National Monitoring Center?

  • Solution the shortage of doctors and medical staff
  • Increasing the scope of care provided
  • Reducing time and personnel demands for the client's transport to medical facilities
  • Save time for doctor during regular visits
  • Increasing the professional reputation of the facilities

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