Medical facilities

The use of telemedicine in medical facilities has proven clinical benefits (less complications, reduced mortality) and financial benefits (shortened hospitalization time, eliminating unnecessary transfers, reducing personnel costs). We offer a solution that allows access to patient information among physicians in different departments, so there is a possible interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and subsequently chosen therapy.

The monitoring of physiological functions through assistive technologies after the patient's release into home care ensures continuity of health care.

According to the requirements of the healthcare facility, the National Monitoring Center monitors the observation of the measurement plan, exceeds the monitored values and trends in the patient, evaluates the acquired data and informs the physician or medical staff about the facts. In this way, the medical staff or physician can obtain up-to-date information about the patient's condition and immediately address his or her unstable or unstable condition.

The National Monitoring Center, within the framework of pilot projects, implemented a telemedicine solution in several specialized clinics of the Faculty Hospital in Ostrava and the Faculty Hospital in Motol.

The solution is suitable for patients who have been discharged after surgery, whether in day-to-day surgery and care or standard post-hospitalization.

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