About us

Our philosophy

Vision of National Monitoring Center is to extend telemedicine into practical application in the context of health services. It's not a science fiction, nor a vision of far future but it is a reality. There are systems which are already used in practice these days. In the USA they have a good experience with them and Europe achieving the overseas. The multiple studies in the word demonstrated undeniable benefits of telemedicine. In the original EU countries are procedures supported by telemedicine services accepted like a standard tools in a solving problems with an aging population and increasing of chronic diseases. For example center for Medicare and Medicaid Services published a recommendation for 2014 regulation payments in order to extend the monitoring for 90 days or longer and to complex coverage of care for the chronically sick. Within the WSD program - Whole System Demonstrator was carried from May 2008 to November 2009 with 6191 patients (diabetes, heart failure, chronic respiratory problems) testing of telemedicine solutions in order to answer the question “What brings the use of technology for distant care as a tool in Health Care?”.

Results are as follows:

(COPD) decrease of mortality of patients in 45%

decrease of hospitalization in case of extraordinary events by 20%

decrease the number of visits at emergency by 15%

decrease of planned hospitalization by 14%

decrease the number of days spent in the hospital by 14%

decrease the number of tariff costs by 8%

Also in the Czech Republic is now available system that allows a long distance monitoring of risk factors of patients monitored by a doctor. This system which is implemented in the National Monitoring center passed two year development, one year was carried its successful verification in a pilot project and currently the telemedicine solution is applied in medical facilities and social services facilities, especially in the Moravian-Silesian Region. In the Governing Board of the Center are doctors who have many experience with telemedicine. MUDr. Jaroslav Januška within his long-term work as a cardiologist and cardiac surgeon uses the telemedicine applications with his patients, and he was also at the birth of the project National Monitoring center, MUDr. Oldřich Pospíšil was at the implementation of the new methods of modern medicine in England, where he worked as a doctor for many years. The statutory director of the Institute was appointed Ing. Norbert Schellong, MPH who managed a network of hospitals in the Slovak Republic for several years and actively participate in their restructuring and modernization.

Our team

  • Ing. Radoslav Basel, MBA – Director of the Institute
  • Ing. Mgr. Kateřina Murtingerová, Ph.D. – biomedical engineer, assistant to the Institute
  • Ing. Jana Lančová – specialist in medical devices, clinical application consultant
  • Ing. Radka Geyerová – assistant to the Institute
  • Ing. Pavel Valeček – clinical application consultant, nurse
  • Mgr. Pavla Foltýnová – a longtime cardiologist and cardiac surgeon
  • Pavlína Weissová – a craniofacial surgeon, a doctor with many years of experience
  • Mgr. Jindřiška Kosinová – konzultant klinických aplikací, zdravotní sestra
  • Mgr. Blanka Šperlingová – konzultant klinických aplikací, zdravotní sestra
  • MUDr. Jaroslav Januška, Ph.D. – kardiolog, kardiochirurg s dlouholetou praxí
  • MUDr. Oldřich Pospíšil – kraniofaciální chirurg, lékař s dlouholetou praxí