Innovative procedures in telemedicine brings patient in their homes possibility of immediately transfer of information about vital functions towards doctor through continuously working National monitoring center.

The dynamic expansion in the field of data transmission and devices for scanning physiological functions leads to development of a complex telemedicine solution which is characterized by simply operation from the patient side, data reliability and safety of scanned data and the maximum support for doctors.

Periodic measurement of vital functions and their evaluation will allow the doctor to respond on the health condition changes, for example (e.g.) flexibly modify medication to establish more exact diagnosis, respond to worsening or improving your health condition in time. This may often prevent unnecessary (repeated) hospitalization.

Nowadays we can scan, transfer, display and analyze blood pressure values (blood pressure monitor), oxygen saturation and pulse (oximeter), respiratory functions (spirometer), concentration of glucose in the blood (glucometer), hearth action (single channel or three channel ECG including motion),


temperature (infrared and continuous thermometer), weight (weight including proportional distribution of fat, water and muscle). The measured data are transferred and analyzed in real time (time-lag is 10 – 15s).

Qualified assistants of monitoring center are continously available on freephone 800 500 408 and they are ready to help you in solving of your requirements.

Telemonitoring does not replace a doctor but provides doctor patient’s physiological functions data as much as possible needed for quick edit and determination of treatment. Also brings patient’s and her relatives more security, peace and the feeling of safety.