If services provided by the National monitoring center attract you and you are interested in to cooperate with us, it’s very easy:

  • Contact the National monitoring center

Contact the National monitoring center via the contact form of by calling on freephone 800 500 408.


  • Meeting with consultant of clinical applications

Your contact will be handed to qualified consultant who will arrange a personal visit with you, he demonstrates our telemedicine solution and arrange possible ways of cooperation. You will also have an opportunity to try the demo version of application Doctor.


  • Concluding the contract about cooperation

If you are interested in the cooperation it will be developed and then after agreeing will be signed a contract about cooperation.


  • Generating and delivery the password

On the basis of the signed authorization protocol for doctors and specialized supervision will be generated and delivered the password.


  • Establishment of access to the application “portal”

It will be established to you an access to the application, provided technical support, training and you will receive the manual for the work in application “portal”.


The doctor can choose the possible form of cooperation:

  • Active participation of the doctor  – the doctor provides communication with patient itself and performance of telemonitoring charged to the patient as an extra procedures not covered by public health insurance system. Telemonitoring performances are then on the basis of the Contract about the ensuring of health services – remote monitoring concluded with the NDC accounted to the doctor.
  • Passive participation of the doctor  – the doctor facilitate contact between patient and the National monitoring center, recommended a measurement plan and parameters of monitoring and then provides professional medical supervision of the monitored patient. Based on the contract with NDC (Contract about professional medical supervision and consultation or Agreement on work performance) receives for the realized medical supervision an agreed reward. All other activities and communication with patient provides the NDC.
To cooperation with you is looking forward to the team of National monitoring center.