The remote monitoring is an appropriate way how to monitor the development of the patient’s health condition that is at home environment. Regular measurement of the vital values and heart actions, their transfer, display and analyze will allow doctor flexibly respond to changes in health condition e.g. modify medication, determine a more accurate diagnosis, early react to the worsening or improving the patient’s health condition. Nowadays we can scan, transfer, display and analyze blood pressure values (blood pressure monitor), oxygen saturation and pulse (oximeter), respiratory functions (spirometer), concentration of glucose in the blood (glucometer), hearth action (single channel or three channel ECG including motion with unlimited length of recording), temperature (infrared and continuous thermometer), weight (weight including proportional distribution of fat, water and muscle).

During our pilot project we had in long term monitoring more than 100 patients from the field of cardiology, diabetology, pneumology and practical medicine. Between them were patients with chronic disease and patients in posthospital care or in long term home care. Pilot project demonstrated increasing patient’s discipline during the treatment manifested by improving trends or better stabilization of the patient’s condition a reduced number of required repeated hospitalization because of high reliability, accuracy/precision and speed of data transfer (10 – 15s) but many times also capture the worsening of the health condition.




There were also several patients who have long complained about the subjective symptoms which was revealed health risk (especially cardiac arrhythmias) which wasn’t possible to reveal it even during the repeated ambulatory examinations.

If you are interested in to enable your patient using telemonitoring as a suitable support of thei treatment, stabilization of their health condition or as support to properly establish the diagnosis we will be very glad if you show interest to cooperate with our National monitoring center of telemedicine services.