The National monitoring center has nowadays the most complete solution for telemonitoring. This solution has been developed with focus on simplicity and easy simply operation from the patient’s side, safety and reliability from the view of transmission and data storage but especially the maximum support for doctors while keeping the non time consuming and the simplicity of working in medical application

Minimal requirements for intervention by the doctor are provided by functions of solution themselves (doctor is informed only in case of exceeding the set limit values or detection of incidents (e.g. ECG) and also ensured continuous service of monitoring center (provides technical support for the patients, evaluation of transferred records, communication with patient, oversees on compliance of patient’s measurement plan.ř 

For all patients and all measurements has a doctor the only secured access to the application where he can browse and analyze measured data or send messages to the patient  příslušník.


(modification of medication, measurement changes, order office visits etc.). After the end of monitoring receives doctor the final report with history of measurement for inclusion in the patient’s card.