Self monitoring is useful for patients with chronic diseases (especially recently indicated disease or disease in an unstable condition), patients in the post hospital care, patients with  hard an ambiguously determinable diagnosis, patients with ambulatory unconfirmed subjective problems or occasional problems, retired patients in long-term monitoring, patients in home care. Within individually expertise is in the cardiology area they are mainly patients with cardiovascular disease e.g.  heart failure, hypertension, heart rhythm disorders, also patients after cardiac surgery. In the field of diabetology there are patients with insufficient compensation or new indicated patients on insulin therapy. In pneumology is monitoring useful for patients with chronic obstructive diseases, bronchial, interstitial lung disease.

Distant monitoring is useful for all patients and seniors which needs a long-term or single (in case of problems) monitoring and analyzing physiological functions  (pulse, blood pressure, saturation, respiration, weight, temperature, heart rate).



About suitability of the using of telemonitoring is a good idea to consult this with your doctor, because he will become an integral and irreplaceable part of whole solution.