We are trying to make the services of the National monitoring center were as much available as possible for you. If you are interested in our services you can contact NDC through the contact for and also on freephone 800 500 4008.

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Our assistants are ready for you and they give you all information with pleasure. If you are decided to use telemonitoring you can also follow the steps below:

1. Consultation with doctor

1It is good to consult with your doctor intention to use the remote monitoring. If it is necessary you can contact the National monitoring center and consultants of clinical applications will visit your doctor and they present him our solution which is very simple to operate it from the doctor’s side. In case that your doctor won’t consider this method of monitoring your health condition appropriate, we are ready to provide you an independent consultation from the doctor with the same specialization who has the practical experience with our solution.

2. Setting up the measurement plan

2The doctor set with you the measurement plan, i.e. fill in a questionnaire available on our website. The filled questionnaire will be sent to the National monitoring center which on this basis will make/prepare a price offer of monitoring.

3. Creating the calculation

3Based on the received questionnaire our workers in the National monitoring center will complete the price offer which will immediately send you for approval. Because nowadays the most of the telemedicine services aren’t covered by public health insurance you can use the possibility of donate from the endowment fund Domácí anděl which cooperates with the National monitoring center. If the offer will suits you we will sent you a draft contract including the patient’s informed agreement. The National monitoring center will contact you and agree with you on the device’s handover procedure and signing the contract.

4. Device’s handover

4There are several possible ways how the necessary devices will be delivered to you and at the same time the contract and informed agreement will be signed . It can be done through your doctor’s office, personal delivery at the contact points, personal delivery at the specified place or send by post.

5. Beginning of the measuring


The devices will hand over to you ready for use, charged, including one set of the consumable and user manual. Immediately after the switch on the device is system functional and you can make a measurement. The data are now transmitted and they are safely stored into you patient’s card which is already activated that time. The National monitoring center monitors if the devices are function, if patient follows the measurement plan and analyze and monitors the measured values. If the values are critical or warning or trends the doctor and patient (or another contact person) is contacted by the National monitoring center according to a predetermined procedure.
If there are some technical problems during the measurement patient will contact on the freephone assistants of the National monitoring center who will immediately negotiate the correction.

6. The end of monitoring

6A few days before the end of the determined monitoring the patient is contacted by the National monitoring center agree with him on the way of returning devices. Devices have to be returned undamaged, clean and functional. On the day of the termination of monitoring is patient’s card deactivated and at that time the transmission and recording the data are stopped.

7. The final report

7After the end of measurement is formulated a final report about monitoring and measurement history until 24 hours , which is given to the doctor for insertion to the patient’s card. At the same time is issued the invoice for the National monitoring center services according to the contract. If the patient used a possible donate from the endowment fund Domácí anděl is in accordance with the signed donation contract requested an endowment fund to sent the payment to the National monitoring center bank account.