The patient in the comfort of his home does a measurement established by his doctor. For this purpose patient uses the appropriate compatible devices that he receive either within of the service provided by National monitoring center or he can buy it yourself.

All recommended devices have a very simple operation including detailed user manual for their use. If some problem appears, qualified assistants of monitoring center are ready on freephone 800 500 408 to help you with this problem.
The devices are adapted for wireless transmission of measured values. Data are transmitted by device at private and secure network to the storage and they are displayed and analyzed in National monitoring center in real time.

If the measurement doesn’t goes according to the set schedule (the data aren’t correctly and at the right time transmitted) is patient’s contacted via SMS or by telephone from assistants in monitoring center. If the measured values show worsening trends is contacted patient, doctor and respectively a family member.


The doctor has an opportunity of secure remote access to the application of monitoring center and he can analyze the patient condition anytime or he can communicate with patient through the National monitoring center (change the medication, change the parameters and measurement settings, invite the patient to the control examination in his surgery.