Because nowadays the most of the telemedicine services aren’t covered by public health insurance. Services provided by the National monitoring center are paid by the patient. To reduce the financial requirement the National monitoring center cooperates with the endowment fund Domácí anděl. That wherever is possible provides patients contributions (donations) to cover the part of the costs. About this possibility you can learn on The price for monitoring is consist of costs of the data transmission, device (if patient doesn’t has his own), costs of continuous operation of  the National monitoring center and costs of administration and logistics.

Because each patient has an individual setting monitoring parameters (it is vary with the amount of transferred and analyzed data, used devices, difficulty of analyze, measurement frequency etc.) it’s measurement calculation always processed on the basis of a specific monitoring plan. This calculation hast to be approved by the customer before the start of measurement.

For information imagine the costs of monitoring are from 30 to 170 CZK/ day, in case of continual data capture including the analyzing the price is higher (eg. In 24 hours EKG is 450 CZK( day).


One-time costs for the connection of the patient (including settings the devices) are from 300 to 500 CZK and the shortest time of the monitoring is set at 1 month.

Before the start of the measurement is necessary to fill in the price calculation based on which we will set up you the price of monitoring.


Price calculation