National monitoring center

National monitoring center is a center of telemedicine services, which allows patients at home comfortably monitoring their physiological functions including heart activity. Measurement is carried out using a medical devices customized for wireless measured data transmission. Measuring is very simple a intuitive. Measured data are transfered via bluetooth technology and via secured network to the National monitoring

center where the transferred data are processed and evaulated. The values are shown/ diplayed in real time and the doctor has a constant access to them. In case that the values shown worsening or unstable health condition of patient the doctor and patient are immediately informed.  Service of National monitoring center is continuous and is operated by  experienced assistants with medical education.

(Czech) Monitoring dětských pacientů

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(Czech) TopHelp Ostrava

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(Czech) Nemocnice Motol

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(Czech) Spánkové apnoe

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The Endowment fund Domácí anděl

On 27th January 2016 was signed a memorandum about cooperation with endowment fund Domácí anděl. This cooperation will allow our clients and patients to apply for a grant for payment provide by our telemedicine services. More at

New monitoring center

New monitoring center which was established in OSTRAVA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARK works since the middle of January. This center is equipped with the most modern telemedicine solutions and provides for our clients and patients telemedicine services  in contious operation.

National monitoring center 800 500 408

Freephone available 24 hours 7 days a week.

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